Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Electric Playground Holiday Card - 100th Episode

Back around 2002/3, Victor Lucas sent out holiday cards to his industry friends in the form of a DVD. This DVD contained about 90 minutes of footage from his TV show, Electric Playground. One of the best videogame shows ever on television.

First rising to popularity in the US on G4TV when it was a 24 hour video game channel, EP was hosted by Tommy Tallarico and Vic. What made their show different from any other show is that they employed real scripts and funny bits into the review segments. This gave the show a flavor that has not been matched by any other video game show, IMO.

I asked Vic if I could put some of the clips up on YouTube to share, he said go for it, and here are a few choice bits from that awesome holiday card.

You can check out more videos and regular game news at http://www.elecplay.com

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