Thursday, August 6, 2009

Teaching Machines Presentation - Future of Games, Learning and Communication

The following video is the presentation I have been giving in various forms since Feb of this year. Feedback and comments are welcome but please post them here on this site (see link below) and not on the video hosting site.

Enjoy (or not! let me know :) )


Renanse said...

Very cool, Chris. :) Felt like a trip down memory lane. hehe

Eric Arseneau said...

Cool stuff Chris. I would say that you need to indicate there is no narration, as I played around with my sound setup until I realized there was no sound needed. But then there was sound for some of the parts. Would be very cool if you provide a talk over, your good at it and it would make it more fun :)

CMelissinos said...

Great idea Eric! I have had a few people ell me that, without the context of the narration, it can be difficult to understand the presentation. Will work on it!