Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Of Invaders and Space...and Infinity

Ok. Fine. I have not been a huge fan of the iPhone as a game device. Sure, I have purchased a bunch of games on friend's recommendations and most were pretty good to ugghhh. I always thought of the tilt controls as awkward for the moving mechanic. I mean, could you imaging your television screen rotating with the action while you remained stationary? Always felt weird.

However, I think I have found the perfect game for the iPhone and it is absolutely incredible. Space Invaders Infinity Gene takes the old SI formula, adds new enemies, a slick coat of Rez like sheen and a fantastic soundtrack to create a wholly new experience that is still familiar. AND, thankfully, a control system that is absolutely perfect for this kind of game. No tilt controls here.

I thought the remake of SI in Space Invaders Extreme on DS/PSP was the best it could get. Not even close!

The main branching system of the game is deep and offers a lot of gameplay for the dollar. You can also use your own iTunes library of music and the game creates levels based on the music you choose that mirror the pace of your selections. How boss is that?!?!

For $4.99, it is the best entertainment investment, so far, for your iPhone. Recommended without hesitation.

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